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UntitledAs a business owner or manager, you know a lot about running a business, but you may not know a lot about doing a background check on potential and current employees. That is why we like to educate people on a background checks that will shield your business. There are benefits to hiring a good company to do your employee background checks: Using a professional company will help your business comply and be the go to consultant. There are many federal, state and local laws and regulations associated with doing background checks.

  • GBC works with you to put together a background package that meets your company’s needs. There are a many choices of products and services that you can choose from, and your background check consultant should ask questions, listen to your responses, and make recommendations based on both your answers and the needs of your business/industry.
  • Background checks take time and resources to do correctly, something most small businesses are not equipped to do. An organization that specializes in background screening is able to turn around results much faster and are researched for accuracy. This shields your company from the bad seeds
  • So what should you look for when hiring a background screening provider? Some people think size is important. But the size of the company is less important that the quality of work they do and how responsive to your needs it is. A few things you should check:

References are important. Ask the company to provide some names of its satisfied customers. Then call those references and ask questions.

We know you have a lot of skills when you own or work for a small business. You have to. But unless you really want to take the time to learn how to do a background check, you can save time and resources by hiring a professional to help you with this.