Employee Screening

Get comprehensive information you need to help with hiring decisions that will help shield your organization, with cost effective services, that will help streamline your process to shield your employees, customers, and clients.

Volunteer Screening

When you have volunteers for your organization doing a background check is essential to help shield your employees, customers and clients. Volunteers are non-paid employees of your organization.

Tenant Screening

Protect your property investment and other residents by doing a tenant screening. By getting information on your potential tenants applicant’s history can help you select the right tenants for your property.

Drug Testing

Drug testing is an important part of doing a background check which is an ongoing process throughout the applicant’s process. We offer all levels of drug testing for employees, volunteers, students.

Risk Management

Gallants effective management of risks is an absolute priority in today’s environment. It is a priority in order for us so we can shield your organizations but also shields Gallant. We use and practice strict guidelines from the FRCA AND NAPBS.

We believe our clients and team, should expect to receive and give professional, ethical services. We are a company of strong Integrity and that the highest of professional standards should be delivered to every client and team member. Gallant includes a dedicated team of partners of experts responsible for the oversight of risk management and professional standards worldwide. It is our priority to be vigilant to ensure rigorous information management and to shield our clients with all of our services.

We are specific in our expectations of what our clients receive with our services and our values. Gallant delivers 100% client satisfaction through our professional customer service and standards. Our heritage of independent thinking has preserved our edge in client retention and streamlined.

As a result, we don’t end up with standard industry background services results. We want each of clients to feel a part of our team. We strive to build bonds founded on respect, caring, honesty because of this our clients are long term clients. We have one of the highest client retention rates in our industry. We work together as a team with the same oriented, constructive, and challenging. Internally, we know that teamwork and cooperation are essential to our success and yours. We aspire to a lifelong bond with those who have joined.

Be one of Gallants Team members is our foundation to our client approach. We respect all the challenges our clients face and customize a streamlined process just for your organization. We feel privileged you chose Gallant to Shield your organization, employees and clients. We appreciate our clients and want to strengthen our clients’ capabilities to receive all levels of comprehensive but cost effective background and drug testing services.

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