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Employee Screening

GBC comprehensive and cost effective services delivers information you need to help with hiring decisions that will help shield your organization, that will help streamline your process to shield your employees, customers, and clients.

Gallant Background Checks takes pride in helping educate organizations on what types of background checks that they need to be in compliance and to help shield potentially bad seeds from being in your organization. Gallant believes in 100% customer service and that our clients are kept up to date during the background check process. GBC makes the background check process effortless and provides easy to read records.

Our background checks helps you to make the right decisions on your investment of time and money to recruit, hire and train the right employees. GBC provides comprehensive and cost effective background checks so you can make more objective and consistent hiring decisions. Which in returns helps safe guards your employees, clients and customers.

  • Criminal files from any court records system
  • Verify education and employment history
  • Confirm employment eligibility—I-9 post-hire, E-verify
  • Validate licensures, certifications, and credentials
  • Social Security CBSV
  • Credit history
  • Satisfy specific industry and state licensing screening requirements
  • Increase workplace safety and minimize workplace losses
  • Obtain professional, education and personal references
  • Receive reports specially-formatted for HR record-keeping



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