Volunteer Screening

GBC helps shields your organization with Background screening for nonprofit volunteers and employees is a tool that your organization cannot afford to be without. Every day, millions of volunteers donate countless hours to good causes. Volunteers can and do perform many of the same duties as paid workers. Volunteers helps, churches and schools, mentors, coaches, tutor’s, change bedpans, prepare and deliver meals, fight fires, provide disaster assistance. But, instead of a regular paycheck volunteers do what they do out of a desire to give back to their community.

Retirees, parents, teens and other concerned citizens volunteer. All share the common goal of wanting to help. More often than not, volunteers help the less fortunate among us and those least able to help themselves — children, the elderly, and the disabled. Unfortunately, there can be bad seeds, people in trusted positions — who have harmed children or abused elderly persons. Instances have even been reported of convicted sex offenders seeking to volunteer with children’s organizations.

If your organization has numerous volunteers, you know that each person presents a valuable component to the work you do.

Volunteers are screened for many of the same reasons employers conduct background checks. Gallant helps to verify identity and weed out potential problems, especially problems that could arise from an undisclosed criminal history.

GBC streamlines each organization to fit their needs for their volunteers screening services. GBC provides access to criminal, sexual offender, motor vehicle, credit information—

  • Criminal files from any court records system
  • Identify sexual offenders
  • Social Security Number checks
  • Education and employment history
  • Credit history
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Increase safety and minimize losses
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Limitation of liability
  • Laws that require volunteer screening gen

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