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Is NOT drug testing your employees COSTING you money? Chances are it is and this is why. As a business owner or manager, you know a lot about running a business, but you may not know a lot about doing a background check on potential and current employees. That is why we like to educate people on background checks that will shield your business. Statistics show that by a phenomenon called adverse selection, criminals are more attracted to institutions in which they are least likely to be discovered — where comprehensive background checking procedures are NOT in place. When employees are abusing a substance at work, they are likely to make poor decisions and serious mistakes. This can lead to on the job injuries, decrease in productivity, employee theft, higher use of health benefits, medical claims, absenteeism inability to communicate effectively.

Each substance abusing worker costs his or her company approximately $7,000 a year….DO WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION NOW?

Our FREE webinar will cover all the facts regarding gender friendly drug testing. We will cover the following questions and MORE!

What is Oral Fluid Drug Testing?
Why is this safer and more effective than urine drug testing?
Why is it growing in popularity?
Is it FDA approved?
How accurate is it?

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We will be giving away testing devices LIVE during our webinar. Only webinar participants will be eligible to win one of these three powerful drug testing devices:

Alcohawk Q3i-2500 Slim Digital Breath Alcohol (Tester) breathalyzer Value $65.00
AlcoScreen Alcohol Saliva Test – DOT Approved (24 Tests) Value $50.00
Personal Breathalyzer with flashlight and stop watch Value $15.00

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