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Our mission at Gallant Background Checks is to provide peace of mind. We partner with our clients to identify and streamline their organization’s background and drug testing service needs. Our years of experience in this field, coupled with the latest technology in the industry, helps employers make hiring decisions with confidence knowing that we are shielding their company with the best services possible.

We’re proud of the culture and values that connect our team to each one of our clients.



We have collaborated with secular and non-secular organizations, businesses, governments, and non-profit agencies around the globe. By taking the time to understand the individual needs of each organization we can help by guiding them through each stage from beginning to end to determine what is most important for their business and industry. We can streamline their internal background check and drug testing processes, no matter how many employees or locations.

Knowledge & Expertise


Generic background testing companies offer “one size fits all” services. We believe that each one of our customers has a unique set of circumstances and needs that are necessary to help them succeed. The world is rapidly becoming more connected, making it more complex and unpredictable. We know the value that receiving a comprehensive report can provide. We deliver insights that you can trust. Our team puts the time and effort into connecting all the dots they can find on each applicant’s history. We take pride in being called upon to work with you to shield your company.

Because of our Gallants levels of services and diversity, spanning every significant industry and function, we can streamline complex transformations across the sometimes disparate parts of a client’s organization, whether secular or non-secular.

We collaborate with clients create custom service packages that will fit your organization’s individual departmental needs, provide valid data, rigorous analyses, external perspectives and a detailed history of each applicant. The goal is to uncover any events in an applicant’s life that could put your organization at risk.

The GBC team has a shared mission: to deliver the best background check and drug testing services in the industry. We provide hands-on customer service, comprehensive and timely background checks and drug test results. Our commitment to excellence enables us to develop lasting customer relationships bound by trust.

Corporate Citizenship & Social Stewardship


Gallant Background Checks is committed to serving our clients and community. Guided by our Mission, Gallant is dedicated to enriching lives through social stewardship, support of education, entrepreneurship, youth, veterans, food security. Each year, we engage with the community by providing charitable contributions, volunteer efforts by employees, and engaging in other forms of social stewardship in our community.

We invite you to join us in supporting the following worthy causes:

  • American Cancer Society
  • American Heart Association Go Red Foundation
  • Animal Awareness
  • Domestic Abuse Shelters
  • Eastern Oklahoma Food Bank
  • Entrepreneurship for Youth and Minorities
  • Food Pantries Local
  • Owasso Character Council
  • Relay for Life
  • Salvation Army
  • Senior Care
  • Second Chance Programs
  • Tulsa Global Alliance
  • Walk to End Arthritis
  • Walk to End Alzheimer’s


To ensure that your firm is FCRA (Fair Credit Reform Act) compliant, any records reported must be further investigated by conducting a County Criminal Record Search for re-verification of database searches. No database contains complete information; therefore, a County Criminal Record Search (real-time courthouse information) of known and reported residences are always recommended in addition to any database search for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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